Kloud-E-Juice | Kloud-E-Juice has Landed in Newfoundland
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Kloud-E-Juice has Landed in Newfoundland

27 Jun Kloud-E-Juice has Landed in Newfoundland

The surge of e-juice and e-liquid has been well received here in Canada.  Kloud-E-Juice has made a great impact in the Canadian market.

The word is getting out that not only is our ejuice made with the highest standards in the industry but our flavours speak for themselves.

“I just returned back from Florida – where I took along my sample pack of kloudejuice – and I loved the products.
I must say I’m shocked I even enjoyed the “cigarette” flavoured juices since I have been off them for 3 months or so.”

“I’ve sampled your ejuice – 250 bottles will not do – since I have told everyone I know about your juice – I don’t want to sell out in days :)

I will go with the 1000 bottles”
Rock Vapor in Newfound land is now carrying our full line. Stop in and taste the difference, feel the difference.
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