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Kould-E-Juice has come up with 10 exotic ejuice flavours that are complex with unique tastes. Our e juice is manufactured in Brantford Ontario Canada. Our ejuice will assist in breaking free from smoking cigarettes with all day vaping flavours.
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Vaping will help you achieve 5 most common New Year’s resolutions

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02 Jan Vaping will help you achieve 5 most common New Year’s resolutions

Well it is that time of year again. New Year’s Resolutions! Goals to improve our lives, small or large changes. Deciding on one night a year when we make promises to better ourselves, to work toward a brighter future. In the past decade reports say that there have been five resolutions, not surprisingly, that are consistently on someone’s New Year’s Resolution list.

The most common five things are:

1. To Quit Smoking

2. To Save Money

3. To Lose Weight

4. to Get Fit

5. To Reduce Waste.

I feel these are a good list of personal improvements that many of us try to make in the new year, weather you try to attempt one or all of these resolutions, there is one act that can actually help you improve on each of these simple resolutions.

As a smoker of 15 years I found that vaping actually helped me achieve all of these goals.


Quit Smoking – Maybe its a good time to vape instead. See what its like to keep the nicotine  but loose the smoke, the stink and the cough.

Save Money – The national average cost of a pack of cigarettes is $12, meaning that if you smoke a pack a day, the average Canadian is spending on average $4272 per year on cigarettes alone.

A 30ml bottle of 18mg e-juice, roughly equivalent to three packs of cigarettes, is sold for $19.99. So, if you were to purchase a $60 high end starter kit and enough e-juice to last the year you would be spending approximately $700. That’s a savings of approximately $3572.00 per year.

Lose Weight – How many of us have craved for a cupcake or my personal weakness cookies when you know you’re on a diet? What if were possible to have all the flavor of that chocolate chip cookie without any of the calories?

E-Juice flavors offer you the selection of your favorite treats without any of the calories. Some manufactures of e-juice have over 100 flavours so I am sure that your sweet tasting treat, which if you eat will crush your diet calorie intake can be substituted with e-juice that tastes just like the cupcake you crave.

Get Fit – Now we all want to get in shape! Vaping won’t give unpleasant side effects like shortness in breathe or higher blood pressure, that might get in the way for hitting the gym.

Reduce Waste – This is easy no brainer for all of us. With vaping you no longer create trash from the pack itself. You also eliminate second hand smoke which is annoying to many people.

E-cigarettes however contain much less waste. A 30ml bottle of e-juice results in an empty bottle, and possibly a small coil or two, all of which can be fit in the palm of your hand. And all of which can be recycled. Combine that with the fact that a 30ml bottle is approximately 6 packs of cigarettes and you can start to see the major waste reduction.

Kould-E-Juice has come up with 10 amazing flavours that are complex with unique tastes.

All of our e-juices are made in Canada using good manufacturing practices.

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