Kloud-E-Juice | Kloud-E-Juice is the top choose ejuice for vapors in Canada
Vaping has made a positive change in my life, it has been the only thing that has allowed me to quit smoking cigarettes. Kloud-E-Juice has some of the best ejuice on the market with our exotic flavours. Making it easy to quit smoking.
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Welcome to Kloud-E-Juice

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26 Dec Welcome to Kloud-E-Juice

For decades I smoked like a chimney, wanting a change, I tried the nicotine patch, the nicotine gum and the nicotine spray.  The gum and the spray were just plain awful. patch worked but I would still  sneak in a smoke while wearing the patch.

Then came along the e-cigarette, I figured I would give it a shot…… 10 months later smoke free, I feel better, my food tastes better, my friends don’t complain that I stink anymore.

Vaping has made a positive change in my life.

When I first tried an e-cig it was given to me as a gift to try. “It was actually an e-cigar” As I love cigars to. I found that the concept was pretty neat. So I decided to do some research on my own to find out as much as I could regarding health issues caused by vaping. To my surprise there was very little information out there. Although I did find many doctors in North America advocating for the product as less harmful than tradition cigarettes.

So I bought a starter kit from a local store and a bottle of e-juice with 12mg of nicotine and gave this new product a try.  I must have tried 20 different flavours most of which did not appeal to me or my friends most tasted like medicine with very little vapor on the exhale, this is when we started researching where PG, VG and where the flavours came from. After months of research in early 2014 we decided to make flavors that we enjoyed for ourselves. Then other fellow vapors asked to try some of our flavours which was humbling to hear such great feedback for the couple flavours we had made.

Now we are launching our own brand of e-liquid, e-juice. Made in Canada. At Kloud-E-Juice, we are proud to make our products with only the highest approved quality ingredients “USP grade” Propylene glycol, Vegetable Glycerine.

We want to share our e-juice, e-liquid flavours with others who are looking for a pleasurable alternative to cigarettes.

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